Juan Galvan Coaching

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What People Are Saying 

“Just had a quick coaching call with Juan, crazy value! His agency is the real deal and he truly understands marketing and sales on a deep level. Thanks man!

Riley Keevil
- Agency Owner

“I set up a one hour consultation call with Juan and it was the most rewarding conversation I've ever had in terms of growing your business and taking it to the next level. I've immediately started to notice results in the ares in which I was struggling in."

Reynaldo Medina
- Agency Owner

“Hey Juan! Cleaned my email list and I have been receiving responses everyday now! Thanks so much. Working on turning these responses into meetings. I'll keep you updated!"

Temple Naylor
- Agency Owner

“Hey Juan, your cold email strategy works! An attorney responded to the cold email and he asked over email "can I get a basic pricing structure." Thanks man!

Jair Zacarias
- Agency Owner

“I just used your script and it worked like a charm, no resistance whatsoever and the client even said "well sure you've get me curious now; so have a meeting booked for tomorrow! Thanks!"

Evan Bia
- Agency Owner
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